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We know that school bus drivers play an essential role in the school day of countless students. 

And that some drivers go above and beyond to ensure the welfare of their student riders. 

We’re looking to honor the finest school bus drivers in North America, and honoring them as official Bus Guardian Heroes. This is a new program in 2021 inspired by the tremendous sacrifices school bus drivers exhibited during the challenges of 2020. 

You can find the full rules here, but the basics are below: 

  • Bus Drivers have to be nominated by staff, teachers, principals or even parents. In short, we want the people around these drivers to nominate those who deliver exemplary service 
  • No Bus Driver can nominate themselves. 
  • We will name 4 Bus Guardian Heroes a year, one for each quarter, and will accept nominations on a rotating basis throughout the year 
  • Synovia reserves the right to honor the comprehensive rules here. 

Please complete the information below to provide some basic information about the driver and what makes them a Bus Guardian.

Our First Bus Guardian Hero

All of us know a quiet professional like Tim Cribley. 

Dependable, punctual, and committed to excellence in his craft, workers like Cribley go one step further by investing in their community and working tirelessly to make the world a better place. 

The student transportation industry is blessed with an abundance of people like Cribley. Drivers and staff who rise well before dawn and work well after dark when needed to ensure students always have a safe journey to and from school and their activities. 

When the pandemic struck more than a year ago, workers like Cribley were lauded for their “essential” role in our society, shorthand for any job that maintains the most vital aspects of our society and that can’t be conducted from the safety and convenience of a remote work space. 

“We used to know kids by their smiles and voices, but now we know them by their eyes and hair and even their eyebrows since they are always masked on the bus,” Cribley said. “No matter the way, I know the name of every student on my routes and they know me personally, too.”

“I make sure they are always learning the power of good manners by simply saying “Good Morning and Good Afternoon, and that their first and last experience of their school day is a positive one.” 

CalAmp honored Cribley at an April 22, 2021 ceremony as our first-ever Bus Guardian Hero for his work as far more than a school bus driver at Hudsonville Public Schools.


When the pandemic struck, CalAmp and its student transportation subsidiary Synovia Solutions responded to the threat of the virus with our Bus Guardian solution, delivering accurate and timely contact tracing, driver wellness checks and hygiene verifications via our rugged, cab-based tablet and intuitive software. 

Synovia promoted the solution by distributing more than 3,000 COVID branded Bus Guardian masks to school bus drivers across North America. 

CalAmp Customer Success Manager, Stacey Coley, was part of the team to help distribute the masks, and noticed an immediate trend. 

“The drivers loved the Bus Guardian masks because it spoke to their mission, they truly see themselves as the guardian of the bus and student safety,” Coley said. “I thought it would be great to create a program that actually called out the best drivers who demonstrate that guardian mentality.” 

Synovia partnered with School Transportation News to solicit nominations and promoted the Bus Guardian Hero program via its social media platform. A massive response followed. 

After reviewing more than 900 submissions from fellow drivers, school leaders, parents and students, CalAmp named Cribley as its first ever Bus Guardian Hero for his work supporting food banks around western Michigan. 


After retiring from a successful career as a lineman for AT&T where he was regularly behind the wheel of cherry picker utility trucks, Cribley took up driving the school bus five years ago to stay engaged in his community. 

Also active in his church, Cribley set up a simple table in the Hudsonville Schools bus garage where drivers and staff could donate canned and dry food. He collects the food and delivers it to smaller food pantries throughout the region. Dubbed the “Table of Giving”, the program is simple and effective and helps connect the student transportation professional to their wider community. 

When COVID struck his community, Tim stepped up to the extra work by developing and maintaining a clear seating chart and spending extra time sanitizing his bus. All while he kept the Table of Giving rolling, bringing crucial supplies to local food pantries.

“Tim isn’t the type of man to tout his accomplishments, so we’re thankful for an opportunity like this Bus Guardian Hero because it so well captures the way Tim goes about his job,” said Rob Matthews, Transportation Director, Hudsonville Public Schools. “Those of us in this industry know it’s not just about Tim, because we have so many drivers and staff who embody this same commitment to student safety and wellbeing. 

“It’s wonderful amid all of the struggle of the past year to take a moment like we have today to honor Tim and the drivers like him.” 

CalAmp awarded Cribley a $250 gift card and feted him at an informal ceremony attended by Hudsonville School District leadership as well as by leadership from Hand2Hand, a Michigan food bank that received a $1,000 donation from CalAmp thanks to Matthew’s nomination of Cribley. 

“Our community relies on the generosity and commitment of people like Tim and the drivers here at Hudsonville,” said Cheri Honderd, Executive Director, Hand2Hand. “And we’re thankful to CalAmp for making this donation that will help us do even more work like Tim does so well.” 

Bus Hero Stories

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Redmond School District

Our driver goes above and beyond daily for our students. He transports our students that have social and emotional lagging skills and can be quite challenging. But our driver does it with empathy, dedication, and a devotion that is unmatched. He tirelessly works with...

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She was once a student on this bus, sitting with her friends. Now, she's the driver of her friends' children; who look up to her like she's a loving aunt, friend's Mom, and (if needed) a warden at a high-security correctional facility. That was pre-pandemic. She is...

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Garrett County Public Schools

What began as a typical school bus driver-student relationship has grown into a family friendship. Our driver has safely transported our children to school and returned them home each evening. We trust him with their lives. He takes the extra minute to ensure they're...

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My sister is finally following her dream after adopting sixteen children. The last four are all her special needs children. She bought a mini school bus, complete with seat belts to travel the United States to lend a hand where help is needed. Fill a food box, help at...

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Marion County Wv

He is not only a bus driver but a fireman. Throughout the pandemic, he showed up every day to deliver food to students on his bus run. He asks if there was anything else we needed. Not only is he a hero keeping our children safe and getting them to school but he is...

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Kuna Joint School District #3

Our driver is an outstanding school bus driver. He has only been driving a school bus for a year and a half. Prior to that, he managed a saltwater disposal plant and had a Class A driver's license as an OTR truck driver. Even though new to student transportation, our...

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Fort Osage R-1

Our transportation department consists of 4 office employees and 2 maintenance. During the month of February, our department had 18 covid 19 related absences. Including all 4 office staff and one maintenance. Our driver held down the Fort and kept not only the buses...

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Turkey-Quitaque ISD

Our transportation director, up at 5am checking icy roads in the winter and starting buses for the other drivers, taking his route plus others as needed, and volunteering as the fire chief and an EMT. He loves "his kids" on his bus as though they were his own. He...

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A Community School Corp

Our driver was the driver of a bus that was hit by a man taking off his hoodie sweatshirt traveling down a 2 lane highway and was able to keep bus from rolling down a small embankment and kept kids calm when a child lost his life during the accident.

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Carroll County Public Schools

On November 16, 2020, after dropping off her last student, our driver was traveling to her next assigned school for the afternoon dismissal. While following a special needs bus, she observed the driver veer off the roadway, coming to a sudden stop after crashing into...

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